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Boheme - Carefree lifestyle unbounded by convention.

Bohemian - Movement of artist and poets in late 19th century France, especially in Paris. Bohemians believed in living outside of the bourgeois (conventional, middle class) mainstream culture. Bohemians were against the Salon (the institution that controlled the literary and art market in France until the turn of the 20th century)and believed that art and literature should be radical. They often gathered in "cafes" and drank absinthe. Many Bohemians were politically radical, being either anarchists or members of the Commune de Paris during the Franco-Prussian war. The Bohemian movement died out at the turn of the century but had a large influence on later movements such as surrealism, the beat generation, and punk rock.
Toulouse - Lautrec depicted the romanticized life of many Bohemians, although the reality of the life-style was often very difficult and tragic.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Return to France.

A year ago give or take a day I returned to Australia from Paris, trying to convince myself that my French adventure was at an end and I would be making my life in Australia. Who would have thought then that within a year I would be once again winging my way back to France ready for my next big French adventure? Certainly not me, even if the only person I was fooling was myself the self deception ran deep enough for 11 months to believe that my days of living in France were at an end. However, five weeks ago I finally understood that what I really wanted was to return to France so I made a plan a plan that would see me back in Paris is about two years time. I was to learn my French better and to take a tesol course so i could get a job teaching english. As with the best laid plans it all went out the window when two weeks later my mother called and read an ad out to me for an english speaking Au Pair in a town called Chantilly about 25km from Paris, was I interested? She wanted to know. Was I interested mais bien sur, and the rest as they say is history so now I sit here typing away to the melodic sounds of a bouncing ball and un, deux, trois..... sept, huit. So begins my new French adventure as a Nou Nou to two delightful tri-lingual children whom I can only hope to speak as fluently as one day. It is so easy at that language to bounce from French to English to Ukranian and back to English. I shall try my best to keep this blog more updated than I did last time. Now I bid you a Bon Journee for the rest of the day.


Sammi said...

Yay! You got there! :D LOVELY! :D
Enjoy :D

Anonymous said...

Nic, I am so pleased for you. I am majorly impressed with how the universe clicked into place for you! This business of making a detailed plan and putting it out there, really worked for you.

Just love sharing your adventures. It's like being back at school and enjoying reading over your essays and creative compositions.

Enjoy it all my Gentle Student!!!

Just in case you forgot who this fishy person is, it is, of course, Steph B, or 'Burto' if you prefer.