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Boheme - Carefree lifestyle unbounded by convention.

Bohemian - Movement of artist and poets in late 19th century France, especially in Paris. Bohemians believed in living outside of the bourgeois (conventional, middle class) mainstream culture. Bohemians were against the Salon (the institution that controlled the literary and art market in France until the turn of the 20th century)and believed that art and literature should be radical. They often gathered in "cafes" and drank absinthe. Many Bohemians were politically radical, being either anarchists or members of the Commune de Paris during the Franco-Prussian war. The Bohemian movement died out at the turn of the century but had a large influence on later movements such as surrealism, the beat generation, and punk rock.
Toulouse - Lautrec depicted the romanticized life of many Bohemians, although the reality of the life-style was often very difficult and tragic.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nicky's Parisian Palace!

Finally the moment you have all been waiting for pictures of the new place. My Parisian Palace all 25m2 of it which, by Paris standards is indeed a palace. It is so good to finally have a place to call my own after a month of homelessness. Without further ado here are the pics of my new place and neighbouring shops.
My building from the outside
The hallway,Kitchen, Dinning room and bathroom


Main room


My Closet

Stairs to my bed

My Bed

Les Artistes Brasserie down the road where they have art exhibitions once a month

My favourite boulanger on the corner
Maybe I will get my White christmas after all today when I went outside to take some photos it was snowing that annoying sleety snow and it was too wet too land but it was anowing nonetheless. In my misguided optimism and need to paint I decided to venture out to the art shop hoping against hope that it would be open despite being a sunday. Needless to say indeed it was not open, however I did find a cute little art market in the middle of the street where art store shops are. So I walked along in the snow with my broken umbrella looking at some mediocre art and some amazing art as well I love it when you come across the little markets such as this one, they are dotted all around Paris and can be in the most unlikely areas.

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Oh wow!! It looks nice! :)