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Boheme - Carefree lifestyle unbounded by convention.

Bohemian - Movement of artist and poets in late 19th century France, especially in Paris. Bohemians believed in living outside of the bourgeois (conventional, middle class) mainstream culture. Bohemians were against the Salon (the institution that controlled the literary and art market in France until the turn of the 20th century)and believed that art and literature should be radical. They often gathered in "cafes" and drank absinthe. Many Bohemians were politically radical, being either anarchists or members of the Commune de Paris during the Franco-Prussian war. The Bohemian movement died out at the turn of the century but had a large influence on later movements such as surrealism, the beat generation, and punk rock.
Toulouse - Lautrec depicted the romanticized life of many Bohemians, although the reality of the life-style was often very difficult and tragic.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It’s coming on Christmas they’re cutting down trees

Ok, so I know that I haven’t blogged for awhile and lots of people are waiting for the next entry but it’s been cold, grey and rainy and my mood has been reflecting the weather. In short I just haven’t felt like blogging. It’s almost Christmas and it is a sad time to be away from home especially as it is the first Christmas away so my usual unfailing Christmas joy has been hard to find this year. It has always been my favourite time of year putting up the tree, decorating making presents or decorations or cards, listening to cheesy Christmas songs, I love it all. Today I got a Christmas miracle to re find my Christmas spirit. I had decided today that I was going to finally get a Christmas tree I’ve been looking at them for a couple of weeks now but they never seemed to have prices on them and my French is still pretty basic, so I hadn’t conquered the buying of the “Sapin Noel” yet. I nearly didn’t today either as it was raining and miserable again. However, eventually I decided to brave the weather and head out to Monoprix, about a fifteen minute walk away, to buy a tree. I went into buy some decorations and was going to then come back and buy the tree because they sell them outside the store. By the time I had bought my decorations and come outside to buy my tree the rain had turned to snow, albeit wet non landing snow but still snow nonetheless thus, restoring my Christmas spirit. Although carting home a big tree in the snow is in reality less enchanting than it sounds with the needles poking you getting caught in my jumper and the snow making everything wet, still nothing could destroy my new found Christmas spirit. Now as I write this I am listening to Christmas songs Joni Mitchell’s “River” for one, hence the blogtitle. Also am starting to decorate the tree. Pictures to come.


Sammi said...

whoo - she is back!! yay!!! :) Can't wait to see pics of your tree! :)

janed said...

I am very happy you have a tree. How wonderful to take it home in the snow! A white Christmas, that would be magical.Leave a little room for the contents of the small parcel.